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How to Apply ...

It is our privilege to help nonprofit organizations providing services in Northampton County that promote health and improve access to healthcare. We are committed to maintaining a permanent endowment for the community. Each grant we fund must have the greatest possible impact on improved health for individuals in our community.

The mission of Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation (TRHWF) drives and strategically guides its grant making. Decisions made are based on both an applicant's demonstrated ability to efficiently manage the proposed program as well as the effectiveness of the proposal to elevate the status of the community's health.

The Foundation seeks to be responsive to the needs of the community, and will consider grant applications from non-profits whose request fall within our missions. TRHWF is also interested in initiating programs to meet specific needs of the community. Collaboration is encouraged among organizations whose combined efforts will more effectively make a positive difference.

The Foundation places considerable emphasis on funding non-profit groups with demonstrated strong organizational governance, internal financial responsibility, and community leadership in the pursuit of their missions. TRHWF requires that the organization/program incorporate a method of evaluating the agency's success in meeting specific goals and outcomes.

All grant awards are subject to the vote of the full Board of Directors. It is not the intention of the Foundation to establish an ongoing or permanent grant relationship with grantees. Applicants are encouraged to include a description of future funding plans for the specific program applied for. Please note that an organization must present evidence of having been designated an IRS Section 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status and Public Charity status to be considered for a grant. Any non-profit agency who has not received funding from TRHWF in the past three years will be asked to submit a Letter of Intent to determine if they may be eligible to submit a full Request for Funding proposal. The Foundation will be accepting Letter's of Intent in June and July this year.

Traditionally, grants are awarded once per year, with the application process beginning in the fall and final grant applications being accepted at a determined date. Funds will be distributed in February 2024.



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